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As a mendicant friar St. Dominic relied on the regular alms giving of the faithful to advance his preaching mission. We continue in that tradition to this day.

Some examples of how your gift may be used:

  • To spread devotion to the Rosary, it takes $75 to mail a box of 200 Rosaries to the missions, just for the postage.
  • For the Education of our Student Brothers in formation (our future preachers and promoters of the Rosary), it costs $25 for 4 hours of formation (religious education) per student. We currently have 36 student brothers in formation.
  • For the Care of our Elderly and Infirm Dominican Friars, it takes $20 a day to feed each of them.
  • For the Renovation of the Rosary Center, the costs are enormous. The total cost will exceed one million dollars.

If you prefer, you may make a one time gift instead.


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To lead Souls to Christ by spreading devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, particularly through her Rosary, and whatever the greatest need is.

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Education of Dominican Student Brothers

 $25   $50   $100   OTHER 

Care for the Elderly and Infirm Dominican friars.

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Renovation of the Rosary Center

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If you choose monthly giving, you may cancel at any time, by following the instructions on the invoice emailed to you. You may also contact us via the information at the bottom of this page.

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