Theology for the Laity

This is the archive of the Theology for the Laity articles, going back to 1988, when they were first prepared on computer. For the archive of the PDF versions of the entire newsletter, Light and Life, see our Newsletter Archive (going back to 2006).

Vol71n3 May-Jun’2018 The Church’s devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, By Bishop-elect Robert Christian, O.P.
Vol71n2 Mar-Apr’2018 The Sadness of Lust & Christ’s Call, By Fr. Peter Hannah, O.P.
Vol71n1 Jan-Feb’2018 The Abiding Compassion of the Unchanging God of Love, By Fr. Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
Vol70n6 Nov-Dec’2017 Signs of the Church III: The Church is Catholic, By Father Reginald Martin, O.P.
Vol70n5 Sep-Oct’17 The Signs of the Church:II-The Church is Holy
Vol70n4 Jul-Aug’17 The Signs of the Church:I-The Church is One
Vol70n3 May-June’17 The Capital Sins:VIII-Sloth
Vol70n2 Mar-Apr’17 The Capital Sins: Part VII-LUST
Vol70n1 Jan-Feb’17 The Capital Sins: Part VI- GLUTTONY
Vol69n6 Nov-Dec’16 The Capital Sins: Part V-AVARICE
Vol69n5 Sep-Oct’16 The Capital Sins: Part IV-ANGER
Vol69n4 Jul-Aug’16 The Capital Sins: III-Envy
Vol69n3 May-June’16 The Capital Sins: II-Vainglory
Vol69n2 Mar-Apr’16 The Capital Sins: I-Pride
Vol69n1 Jan-Feb’16 A Year of Mercy: II
Vol68n6 Nov-Dec’15 A Year of Mercy: I
Vol68n5 Sep-Oct’15 The Ten Commandments: The Tenth Commandment
Vol68n4 Jul-Aug’15 The Ten Commandments: The Ninth Commandment
Vol68n3 May-Jun’15 The Ten Commandments: The Eighth Commandment
Vol68n2 Mar-Apr’15 The Ten Commandments: The Seventh Commandment
Vol68n1 Jan-Feb’15 The Ten Commandments: The Sixth Commandment-Part 2
Vol67n6 Nov-Dec’14 The Ten Commandments: VII-The Sixth Commandment
Vol67n5 Sep-Oct’14 The Ten Commandments: VI-The Fifth Commandment
Vol67n4 Jul-Aug’14 The Fourth Commandment: “Honor Your Father and Mother”
Vol67n3 May-Jun’14 The Ten Commandments: The Third Commandment
Vol67n2 Mar-Apr’14 The Ten Commandments: The Second Commandment
Vol67n1 Jan-Feb’14 The Ten Commandments: The First Commandment
Vol66n6 Nov-Dec’13 The Ten Commandments: Introduction-Covenant and Commandment
Vol66n5 Sep-Oct’13 MEN and ANGELS-FREE WILL: A Gift & its Consequences, II
Vol66n4 Jul-Aug’13 MEN and ANGELS-FREE WILL: A Gift & its Consequences, I
Vol66n3 May-Jun’13 The Gifts of the Spirit, VIII: Wisdom
Vol66n2 Mar-Apr’13 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, VII: COUNSEL
Vol66n1 Jan-Feb’13 Documents for a Golden Jubilee
Vol65n6 Nov-Dec’12 From Vatican II to The New Evangelization
Vol65n5 Sep-Oct’12 Vatican II & An Emerging Lay Apostolate
Vol65n4 Jul-Aug’12 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, VI: Knowledge
Vol65n3 May-Jun’12 The Gifts of the Spirit, V: Understanding
Vol65n2 Mar-Apr’12 The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, IV: Fortitude
Vol65n1 Jan-Feb’12 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Part III: Piety
Vol64n6 Nov-Dec’11 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Part II: The Fear of the Lord
Vol64n5 Sep-Oct’11 Gifts of the Holy Spirit I: The Nature of a Gift
Vol64n4 Jul-Aug’11 The Marks of the Church, V: APOSTOLIC
Vol64n3 May-Jun’11 The Marks of the Church, IV: CATHOLIC
Vol64n2 Mar-Apr’11 The Marks of the Church, III: HOLY
Vol64n1 Jan-Feb’11 The Marks of the Church, II: ONE
Vol63n6 Nov-Dec’10 The Church, Part I: The Nature of the Church
Vol63n5 Sep-Oct’10 The Moral Virtues: IV- Temperance
Vol63n4 Jul-Aug’10 The Moral Virtues: III- Fortitude
Vol63n3 May-Jun’10 The Moral Virtues: II- Justice
Vol63n2 Mar-Apr’10 The Moral Virtues: I- Prudence
Vol63n1 Jan-Feb’10 The Theological Virtues, Charity
Vol62n6 Nov-Dec’09 The Theological Virtues, Hope
Vol62n5 Sep-Oct’09 The Virtue of Faith
Vol62n4 Jul-Aug’09 Virtue, an Introduction
Vol62n3 May-Jun’09 The Our Father, Part VII
Vol62n2 Mar-Apr’09 The Our Father, Part VI
Vol62n1 Jan-Feb’09 The Our Father, Part V
Vol61n6 Nov-Dec’08 The Our Father, Part IV
Vol61n5 Sep-Oct’08 The Our Father, Part III
Vol61n4 Jul-Aug’08 The Our Father, Part II
Vol61n3 May-Jun’08 The Our Father, Part I
Vol61n2 Mar-Apr’08 The Hail Mary
Vol61n1 Jan-Feb’08 The Apostles’ Creed, Part X
Vol60n6 Nov-Dec’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part IX
Vol60n5 Sep-Oct’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part VIII
Vol60n4 Jul-Aug’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part VII
Vol60n3 May-Jun’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part VI
Vol60n2 Mar-Apr’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part V
Vol60n1 Jan-Feb’07 The Apostles’ Creed, Part IV
Vol59n6 Nov-Dec’06 The Apostles’ Creed, Part III
Vol59n5 Sep-Oct’06 The Apostles’ Creed, Part II
Vol59n4 Jul-Aug’06 The Apostles’ Creed, Part I
Vol59n3 May-Jun’06 The Beatitudes, Part VII
Vol59n2 Mar-Apr’06 The Beatitudes, Part VI
Vol59n1 Jan-Feb’06 The Beatitudes, Part V
Vol58n6 Nov-Dec’05 The Beatitudes, Part IV
Vol58n5 Sep-Oct’05 The Beatitudes, Part III
Vol58n4 Jul-Aug’05 The Beatitudes, Part II
Vol58n3 May-Jun’05 The Beatitudes, Part I
Vol58n2 Mar-Apr’05 The Luminous Mysteries,IV: The Institution of the Eucharist
Vol58n1 Jan-Feb’05 The Luminous Mysteries, III: The Transfiguration
Vol57n6 Nov-Dec’04 The Mysteries of Light – Part II
Vol57n5 Sep-Oct’04 From Commerce to Holiness (Mysteries of Light Part I)
Vol57n4 Jul-Aug’04 The Four Last Things Part IV: Heaven
Vol57n3 May-Jun’04 The Four Last Things Part III: Hell
Vol57n2 Mar-Apr’04 The Four Last Things Part II: Our Judgment Before God
Vol57n1 Jan-Feb’04 The Four Last Things Part I: The Christian Understanding of Death
Vol56n6 Nov-Dec’03 The Rosary and Apostolic Life
Vol56n5 Sep-Oct’03 The Rosary and Contemplative Prayer
Vol56n4 Jul-Aug’03 Encyclical on Devotion to the Holy Rosary Supremi Apostolatus Officio Pope Leo XIII
Vol56n3 May-Jun’03 Confession in Daily Life Part III: The Fruitful Use of the Sacrament
Vol56n2 Mar-Apr’03 Confession in Daily Life Part II: Frequenting the Sacrament
Vol56n1 Jan-Feb’03 Apostolic Letter “Rosary of the Virgin Mary”
Vol55n6 Nov-Dec’02 Confession in Daily Life Part I: The Human Face of Divine Forgiveness
Vol55n5 Sep-Oct’02 Understanding the Conscience Part II: Full Maturity in Christ
Vol55n4 Jul-Aug’02 Understanding the Conscience Part I: General principles
Vol55n3 May-Jun’02 Placing Our Hope In The Cross Part III – The Transforming Cross Of Christ
Vol55n2 Mar-Apr’02 Placing Our Hope In The Cross Part II – Providence and Our Response to Suffering
Vol55n1 Jan-Feb’02 Placing Our Hope In The Cross Part I – God And The Problem Of Evil
Vol54n6 Nov-Dec’01 Christian Patriotism In Today’s World
Vol54n5 Sep-Oct’01 Discovering The Greatness of St. Joseph Part II: His Unique Vocation and Exceptional Virtue
Vol54n4 Jul-Aug’01 Discovering The Greatness of St. Joseph Part I: The Growth of His Devotion
Vol54n3 May-Jun’01 The Exultation of the Mother of God
Vol54n2 Mar-Apr’01 The Perpetual Virginity of the Mother of God
Vol54n1 Jan-Feb’01 Defending Our Lady’s Privileges
Vol53n6 Nov-Dec’00 Universal Salvation in Christ and in the Church
Vol53n5 Sep-Oct’00 Aiming For The Summit In The Spiritual Life
Vol53n4 Jul-Aug’00 Our Indebtedness to the Apostles
Vol53n3 May-Jun’00 The Mass and the Mystical Body
Vol53n2 Mar-Apr’00 The Peace of Christ
Vol53n1 Jan-Feb’00 The Millennium and the Eucharist
Vol52n6 Nov-Dec’99 Worldliness
Vol52n5 Sep-Oct’99 Obedience in the Divine Plan
Vol52n4 Jul-Aug’99 Charity is Patient, is Kind, … is Not Self Seeking …
Vol52n3 May-Jun’99 Blessed Are The Meek
Vol52n2 Mar-Apr’99 The Vice of Sloth
Vol52n1 Jan-Feb’99 PREPARING FOR THE MILLENNIUM: The Year of the Father
Vol51n6 Nov-Dec’98 Blessed are the Merciful
Vol51n5 Sep-Oct’98 Christian Temperance
Vol51n4 Jul-Aug’98 Christian Fortitude
Vol51n3 May-Jun’98 The Virtue of Justice
Vol51n2 Mar-Apr’98 Christian Prudence
Vol51n1 Jan-Feb’98 The Fruits of Secularism
Vol50n6 Nov-Dec’97 THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Satan’s Mighty Foe
Vol50n5 Sep-Oct’97 The Providence of God and The Mystery of Evil
Vol50n4 Jul-Aug’97 The Human Soul
Vol50n3 May-Jun’97 Blessed Are the Clean of Heart
Vol50n2 Mar-Apr’97 The Gift of Faith and The Magisterium
Vol50n1 Jan-Feb’97 The Kingship of Christ
Vol49n6 Nov-Dec’96 The Last Day and the General Judgment
Vol49n5 Sep-Oct’96 In Defense of a Tradition (The Rosary)
Vol49n4 Jul-Aug’96 The Lord’s Prayer
Vol49n3 May-Jun’96 Transubstantiation
Vol49n2 Mar-Apr’96 Redemptive Suffering
Vol49n1 Jan-Feb’96 Two Kinds Of Self-Love
Vol48n6 Nov-Dec’95 Some Reflections on Purgatory
Vol48n5 Sep-Oct’95 In My Father’s House There Are Many Mansions
Vol48n4 Jul-Aug’95 Freedom of Purity – Part II
Vol48n3 May-Jun’95 Freedom of Purity – Part I
Vol48n2 Mar-Apr’95 A Sign of Contradiction
Vol48n1 Jan-Feb’95 Thy Kingdom Come
Vol47n6 Nov-Dec’94 Chastity and the Spiritual Life: Some Strategies
Vol47n5 Sep-Oct’94 The Redemption of Mankind
Vol47n4 Jul-Aug’94 Sacred Tradition
Vol47n3 May-Jun’94 The Divine Trinity
Vol47n2 Mar-Apr’94 The Virtue of Patience
Vol47n1 Jan-Feb’94 “HUMANAE VITAE” After 25 years
Vol46n6 Nov-Dec’93 The Call To Holiness
Vol46n5 Sep-Oct’93 New Sins Against Faith
Vol46n4 Jul-Aug’93 Cafeteria Catholics
Vol46n3 May-Jun’93 The Infused Virtues and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Vol46n2 Mar-Apr’93 Actual Grace
Vol46n1 Jan-Feb’93 Sanctifying Grace
Vol45n6 Nov-Dec’92 Render An Account
Vol45n5 Sep-Oct’92 Yes Father
Vol45n4 Jul-Aug’92 The Queenship of Mary
Vol45n3 May-Jun’92 Envy and Jealousy – Enemies of Charity
Vol45n2 Mar-Apr’92 The Rosary: A Spirit-Filled Prayer
Vol45n1 Jan-Feb’92 Divine Providence
Vol44n6 Nov-Dec’91 Eternal Punishment
Vol44n5 Sep-Oct’91 Our Free Will-a Wonderful Gift-a Frightening Responsibility
Vol44n4 Jul-Aug’91 This Body of Ours – Some of Its Problems
Vol44n3 May-Jun’91 Do Catholics Worship Mary?
Vol44n2 Mar-Apr’91 St. Joseph, a Man of Faith
Vol44n1 Jan-Feb’91 The Priesthood of the Laity
Vol43n6 Nov-Dec’90 Giving Thanks
Vol43n5 Sep-Oct’90 The Slaughter of the Innocent
Vol43n4 Jul-Aug’90 The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
Vol43n3 May-Jun’90 What Has Become Of Sin?
Vol43n2 Mar-Apr’90 Todays Crisis of Faith
Vol43n1 Jan-Feb’90 The Resurrection of the Body
Vol42n6 Nov-Dec’89 Our Eternal Reward
Vol42n5 Sep-Oct’89 Monica’s Wayward Son
Vol42n4 Jul-Aug’89 The Holy Eucharist Part II: A Divine Banquet
Vol42n3 May-Jun’89 The Holy Eucharist Part 1: A Sacrifice
Vol42n2 Mar-Apr’89 Freeing the Heart
Vol42n1 Jan-Feb’89 The Love of Forgiveness
Vol41n6 Nov-Dec’88 Indulgences
Vol41n5 Sep-Oct’88 Reparation for Sin
Vol41n4 Jul-Aug’88 The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Vol41n3 May-Jun’88 Our Adversary – The Devil
Vol41n2 Mar-Apr’88 Is Lent Dead?
Vol41n1 Jan-Feb’88 Time and Eternity